Car AC Vent Charger

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Charges any QI enabled phone.

Car AC Vent Charger

The Car AC Vent Charger is the perfect accessory for your vehicle! This wireless charger is fast charging and the magnetic grip will hold your phone in place. The Car AC Vent Charger features a compact and lightweight design that attaches directly to the vehicle's air conditioning vent using adjustable clips or brackets. It securely holds the device in place while simultaneously providing power through a built-in USB port or cable, allowing for easy charging without obstructing the driver's view or access to controls. The car phone holder mount has built-in strong magnets that can handle going over huge bumps and going through sharp turns, giving you a safe driving experience. Overall, a Car AC Vent Charger is an essential accessory for modern drivers and passengers, providing a convenient and accessible charging solution for electronic devices while on the go. With its compact design, easy installation, and reliable performance, it offers added convenience and peace of mind for staying connected and powered up during travel.

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: All Models and Model Years

 SKU: ZAB-026

 Product Notes: Charges any QI enabled phone wirelessly.

 Installation Instructions: Included