Spare Tire Kits

Hyundai Spare Tire Kits

Hyundai Spare Tire Kits

FREE SHIPPING on Hyundai Spare Tire Kits! Always be prepared for an emergency by purchasing a Hyundai Spare Tire Kit! We have a variety of options for different models in the Hyundai lineup. Available here are the Hyundai Elantra Spare Tire Kit, Hyundai Sonata Spare Tire Kit, Hyundai Veloster Spare Tire Kit, and the Hyundai Accent Spare Tire Kit to name a few.

These Genuine Hyundai Spare Tire Kits include EVERYTHING you need to change out a flat tire! That means they come with a steel wheel and mounted spare tire, jack, jack lift handle, lug nut wrench, hard foam tool case, tire valve stem, tire pressure label, and mounting plate to secure the spare tire kit inside the trunk! Our Hyundai Spare Tire Kits allow you to always be prepared for an emergency. Be sure to check your trunk space to see if your vehicle came with one. If not, you're at the right place to purchase one for your vehicle!


Watch our YouTube video to learn a bit more about the Spare Tire Kit. CLICK HERE


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